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How to Stay Healthy Over Winter

Okay so real talk here: On behalf of the Henderson’s team, I can speak for all of us when I say that we don’t love winter.

As much as we want to embrace the cold there’s just something in our DNA that longs for the heat of summer, the sand between our toes, the smell of sunscreen and a good old Kiwi BBQ. We thrive in summer and spend the months in between hibernating like a grizzly bear, just waiting for that sun to come out again.

But winter isn’t all doom and gloom. Winter’s perfect for snuggling up for a cosy movie night, complete with hot chocolate and snacks, or for a brisk morning walk enjoying the chilly sunrise. It’s pretty nice really – as long as you can avoid the germs and stay fit and healthy for the seasons ahead.

We’ve put together our best tips to see you through the Winter. Because it’s here to stay, at least for now.

Hibernate (or just get your Zzzz’s!)

Full hibernation might not be an option for most of us. Between kids, pets, friends and better halves, it’s often a struggle to get a sleep in – let alone a full season of hibernation!

However, the cold nights of winter do provide ample reasons for getting an early night, which also happens to be very beneficial for keeping us healthy.

We spend a third of our life sleeping. And while we sleep, our body regenerates and our immune system produces new defence cells – helping us stay in tip-top wellness. Seven hours of sleep is recommended, which seems so much easier to get when the nights are cold and drizzly.

Drink all the Water!

Everyone knows how important water is for your health. But when it’s cold outside and you’re trying to stay warm, reaching for a glass of cold tap water can be the last thing on your mind!

When we know we’re not getting enough fluids, we find there are a few little tricks that can help increase that hydration!

  • Keep a big bottle handy. Let’s face it – we’re all a bit lazy. So if you know that refiling a small glass 22 times throughout the day is going to put you off drinking enough, use your noggin and get a bigger glass! There are some great 2L drink bottles available these days both online and in stores.

  • Mix it up! Water doesn’t have to be the only drink you consume to up your fluid intake. Soups and roast veggies also go a long way to keeping you hydrated throughout the day too. Just keep in mind that caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea actually have the opposite effect.

  • Eat more Henderson’s bacon. This is more of a theory than a proven fact… But we’re pretty sure that the salt from bacon will make you thirsty which will make you consume more water. Hashtag health… (For anyone wondering, no, we are not actually seriously suggesting this as a serious trick to drink more water!)

Eat Good Stuff

We say it so often you probably get bored of reading it. But we’re going to say it again: a good diet is all about balance!

We 100% endorse indulging in that pudding and custard (have you tried these Bacon-fried Apples!?) and making that soul-warming cheesy Lasagne for dinner. But no single food group should make up your entire diet and it’s best to seek a diet that’s rich in all the good stuff – like vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats.

Vitamins, and in particular, Vitamin C, are found in most fruit and veg. And these immune-boosting ‘V’s’ go a long way to boosting your immune system, keeping you nice and healthy.

Both Brussels sprouts and lemon pack a massive punch when it comes to Vitamin C, making this Lemony Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Breadcrumbs a real winter winner.

Be a Tidy (and Clean) Kiwi

Since our old mate COVID hit the scene a few years back, we’ve all become pretty familiar with good hygiene protocols.

But just because we’re through with full-on lockdowns doesn’t mean we should stop doing these common-sense things that’ll help keep us well.

  • Wash your hands – especially after going to the bathroom and before preparing food

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow

  • If you’re sick, don’t share your germs – stay home and stay cosy (while eating copious amounts of treats!)

Keep Moving

Motivation tends to be low in winter (#hibernation) but staying active has a super positive impact on your overall health. When the weather turns nasty, try mixing it up with indoor activities like the gym, yoga, home exercise routines, or even something out of the box like dance classes, martial arts or indoor rock climbing!

Don’t let bad weather put you off the outdoors completely either. As long as you’re bundling up nice and warm, an umbrella, raincoat and some Red Bands will keep you dry and comfy while out for a walk with the dog.

After all – you’ve gotta stay fit and healthy for summer, which will be right around the corner!


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