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At Henderson’s we are a forward thinking company with family values at heart.  We are two brothers who, along with our team, are on a mission to produce 100% natural & delicious food, the proper way. By proper we mean minimum ingredients, but with maximum focus on craft and process.

We are proud to be 100% Kiwi-owned and operated, employing local people to cure and pack our products, right here in New Zealand.


Ours was the first ‘clean bacon’ in the supermarket and we’ve stayed true to our customers ever since… and they’ve stayed loyal to us.

While the ingredient list is simple, simple is rarely easy. We use traditional methods to make real food that looks true to the animal and has an authentic taste. It’s like bacon ought to be.

Now, we’re adding new flavours, new cuts and slightly more ambitious foodie products to meet the new expectations from our customers. You’ll find us in supermarkets and in good delis everywhere.

Henderson’s has been making clean, simple and delicious bacon for over 20 years. Maybe one day all food will be made this way – wouldn’t that be good!

About Us

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