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How is Henderson’s bacon different?

It’s what we DON’T add that makes the difference. We use natural ingredients only, and very few of them. Nothing artificial. No added colours or flavour. Simple is best.

Why is your bacon called ‘New Zealand’s Original Proper Bacon’?

We are ‘New Zealand’s Original’, because Henderson’s is a fully New Zealand owned and operated company. We were established over 20 years ago, we were first to put ‘clean bacon’ on the supermarket shelves, and we’ve been making the same deliciously natural, authentically-cured bacon for Kiwis ever since. By ‘Proper Bacon’, we mean bacon that’s made the proper way. Cured using time-honoured methods, just a handful of ingredients (pork, salt & brown sugar, that’s it) and a focus on craft - for a level of quality, flavour and freshness that’s second to none.

What do you mean by ‘natural’ bacon?

By ‘natural’, we mean bacon that contains absolutely NO tricky chemicals to add water, extend shelf life or add any artificial colour or flavour. There is nothing artificial our bacon, at all.

You say your bacon is ‘chemical-free’. Isn’t salt a chemical?

We think sea salt is pretty natural! To us ‘chemical-free’ means NO additives or compounds that are artificially made or derived.

Is your bacon nitrate-free?

YES! Nitrates are what make other bacons pink… which might look appetising, but in fact nitrates have been linked to negative health outcomes by the World Health Organisation. That’s why we don’t use them in Henderson’s. Never have, never will.

Why is your bacon brown, not pink?

Because it’s happily nitrate-free (see above).

Where does your pork come from?

We buy the best quality pork possible to make our bacon. Most of this comes from Europe (Spain and Denmark) where we can source high quality at the scale we need. We ONLY buy from carefully selected farms that abide by strict quality control and animal welfare standards set out by EEC law.

Do you make free range bacon?

Yes we do! As part of our product range we offer two free range options: Henderson’s Free Range Streaky Bacon and Henderson’s Free Range Middle Bacon. Both are delicious and stocked at Farro Fresh (in Auckland).

Is your bacon gluten-free / dairy-free / free of all common allergens?

Yes to all of the above. You’ll find more details about this - and handy nutritional information - on our product packaging. It’s all laid out in black and white, easy for you to read. We also have a section on our website dedicated to dietary info.

You say you don’t pump you bacon with water?

That’s right. While many bacons DO add have added water, Henderson’s doesn’t. It goes against the our ethos of making bacon the proper way. 

What’s the best way to cook Henderson’s bacon? 

Because we don’t pump our bacon full of water, you have to be careful not to overcook it. But the fat renders beautifully, so slowly in a pan on a medium heat is best. It takes a little time – as all delicious things do!

If some of your pork comes from overseas, where is it made?

Everything that turns pork into amazing food happens onsite, at our Penrose factory. We have a great local team. The products are conceived, perfected and cured right here in New Zealand.  We are a 100% Kiwi-owned company, producing 100% locally-manufactured bacon - proudly creating local jobs!

Do you make other products, besides bacon?

Yes. Henderson's also produces a range of delicious of carefully crafted salami, sausages and ham products. Try them!

Where can I buy Henderson's products?

You find Henderson’s in all Countdown supermarkets, most Pak N Save, New World and Four Squares and all Farro stores. We have a handy map on our website to help you locate your nearest stockist.

Do you use recyclable packaging?

That is our goal. We’re always looking for sustainable solutions, however we have to balance this out with getting our products to your plate safely. And at the moment this means soft plastics. But watch this space. We’ve transitioned our fresh sausages to PET trays that are recyclable.

Are you based in Henderson?

No. Actually we are based in Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand, and we sell direct from our factory.

How long have you been in business?

Henderson’s has been making clean, simple and delicious bacon for more than 20 years.

How long have you owned the business?

Owners Will & Mike grew up in the industry. They are obsessive foodies who have owned the Henderson’s business for three years now, and who have great plans for the future.

Is Henderson's Salami Gluten-free/ free from common allergens?

Yes, we are gluten-free and allergen friendly! You'll find further information on our ingredient lists on pack, or on the product pages of this website.

Is Henderson's Salami Nitrate free?

Of course! We set out to create a salami we'd be happy to feed to our kids. So it's nitrate-free, sulphite-free, phosphate-free, and free of any other chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

How long do you age Henderson's Salami?

No short-cuts here! Henderson's Salami is aged for a minimum of 1 month using traditional fermentation and curing methods. With Salami, ageing is where the true quality and flavour develops. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

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