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5 Easy Tips for a Balanced Diet

Let’s face it – if we could, we’d have bacon all day, every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then we’d follow it up with some salami for dessert.

But as much as we’re obsessed with our bacon here at Henderson’s, that doesn’t mean we’re under the illusion that it’s the only food group in the pyramid. While it definitely comes in at #1 on our favourite foods, we do have a few other ideas about keeping a balanced diet.

Here are our five top tips.

Eat the Rainbow

Just like your Mama always told you, it’s important to eat your greens. And while you’re at it, you should also make sure to eat your yellows, reds, browns, oranges, and every other colour of the rainbow too.

The very best diet is a diet that contains a variety of food groups. When it comes to food, we believe that no food is too naughty. It’s just all things in moderation. From leafy greens to seasonal fruits to fresh eggs and bread and even a piece of cake (or bacon!) – you can truly have it all.

In fact, there are heaps of delicious fresh recipes that feature our Henderson’s products.

Some of the most colourful are our Bacon Bruschetta (seriously good!), Bacon and Asparagus Summer Salad and our all-time easy favourite, the Summer Platter.

Keep it Natural

Eating natural = eating a healthy balanced diet.

We know, we said that all things in moderation. But there are some things, like nasty chemicals or not-so-nice nitrates, that have no place in any diet.

That’s why we’ve been so deliberate in keeping our products completely natural. And by that, we mean that it doesn’t contain any nasties or tricky chemicals to add water, extend shelf life, or add any artificial enhancement. You can read more about our methods in our FAQs section.

When choosing your foods, try to steer clear of chemicals, nitrates, sulphites, phosphate and all those unwanted extras.

Don’t Overdo It

‘Don’t overdo it’ is a great approach when it comes to any food – unless, of course, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, and in that case, it’s time to eat yourself into a food coma!

No, but really… we’re back to that idea of all things in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with having a bowl of ice cream, a big juicy burger or a bakery cream donut. Fat and sugar won’t kill you in small doses. They just shouldn’t be your only source of energy.

The key to a balanced diet is just that – balance. Find what works for you and stick to it. A bit of everything is great, but too much of anything will just throw that balance out of whack.

Water for the Win

Our bodies are about 60 percent water, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of benefits to drinking lots of water. And with our hot Kiwi summers, keeping fluids up are an important way to stay healthy and hydrated.

From personal experience, we find that snacking on bacon and salami can make you mighty thirsty. So, fill up that water bottle and sip it through the day, getting your fill of H20.

Get Moving, Get Eating

We’re big believers in really relishing food.

In our family, every meal is made to be eaten, shared, and enjoyed. Whether it’s a long afternoon in the sun, sipping on kombucha and snacking on platters, or a traditional family meal around the table, some of the best memories tend to centre around food. If you didn’t know better, you might think all we do is eat.

But this is all balanced with an active and healthy lifestyle. Grab the team and head out for a walk or spend an afternoon playing games in the backyard. Just getting moving helps contribute to that balanced and healthy lifestyle you’re looking to embrace.

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