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Two Pan French toast


Henderson’s Streaky Bacon

6-8 thick slices of thick cut bread – it’s fine to use yesterday’s leftovers, gluten free bread, or brioche for extra French factor
½ cup milk - or oat or soy mylk
3 eggs
½ teaspoon of cinnamon

Olive or coconut oil
A dab of butter (omit if dairy free)
Fresh fruit, grilled banana, frozen berries lightly warmed - or all of these!

Natural maple syrup


Step 1

Prepare your fruit first, and put to one side, unless grilling bananas – we recommend these go in the bacon pan for extra taste!

Step 2

Beat eggs, milk and cinnamon to smooth, pour onto a plate and dip the bread, coating both sides.
Heat oil and butter at medium heat in a large pan until sizzling, fry bread both sides to golden brown.

At the same time, heat your bacon pan to quite hot, and get your Henderson’s streaky bacon crispy and sizzling.

If bread needs keeping warm while you make more, stack it in a slightly warm oven.

Step 3

Bring out your inner artist and arrange bread topped with bacon and surrounded with fruit, then drizzle with maple syrup.


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