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Savoury Pancakes with Salami


1 cup flour

⅛ tsp salt

1 egg, beaten

¾ cup milk

Water, to mix

Cooking oil spray or 1 tbsp butter

2 courgettes

150g Henderson’s Pepperoni or Italian Salami

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese



Step 1

Wash the courgettes, grate them with a large hole grater, dry with a paper towel and transfer them into a bowl. Chop salami/pepperoni slices and add to bowl.

Step 2

Sift together flour and salt, slowly beat in egg and milk. Leave to stand for one hour (it should thicken)

Step 3

Stir batter and add a little water if necessary to bring back to pouring consistency. Mix in courgettes and salami/pepperoni slices.

Step 2

Put pan onto a medium heat, grease with butter or spray oil.

Step 3
Pour a large spoon of mixture and cook the savoury pancake one minute per side, flipping it only when the little bubbles on the surface start bursting. Repeat the process for the other savoury pancakes until the mixture is over.

Step 4

Stack ‘em, serve, and enjoy

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