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Bacon and Eggs with Hash Browns


3-4 rashers of Henderson’s Middle Bacon 

2-3 Free range eggs

1 Two agria potatoes 

1 cup milk


Salt & Pepper, Fresh Parsley to taste

Optional extra - fried small tomatoes


Step 1

Grate potato and add one egg to make hash browns

Step 2

Put a thumbnail size piece of butter in a pan and get it sizzling.

Add your bacon and begin to fry.

Depending on pan size your hash browns can be in the same pan, press them firmly to make sure they are not too thick.

Step 3

Mix eggs briskly with 1/3 their volume of milk

Just before bacon and hash browns are crisped to your taste, move to the side and add egg mixture, moving it slowly to create a creamy finish.

Turn down heat and finish to your preferred scramble consistency.

To serve - Toast your favourite bread, butter and lay the bacon and eggs on top.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper as desired.

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