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Things at Henderson’s Foods are changing, not the clean, simple and delicious bacon they have been making for over 20 years, but Henderson’s now has a new image which is being rolled out across their whole brand identity and packaging.

With a strong range of bacon products already in major retailers and food stores throughout New Zealand, Henderson’s sought to develop a brand identity and packaging that better reflects their ‘clean food’ messaging and natural product.

Henderson’s was the first ‘clean bacon’ in the supermarket, and since 2012 we have stayed true to our customers doing what we do best and keeping it real.

Henderson’s started the brand journey earlier this year; aiming to create more brand awareness and shopper visibility with their existing and new products. ‘We are known for our no-fuss recipes and good, honest approach, and this has helped us build a large and loyal fan-base of folk who want to get back to eating food the way it should be. Authentic and natural. Free from chemicals, additives and nasties. We’ve found that the ‘less is more’ ethos is something that really resonates with people.’ Comments Henderson’s CEO, Will Curd.

‘100% natural and delicious is our new tagline, and we are proud of it. We want this to come across in the designs of our new packaging and our new product offering. We wanted to make sure we were giving our consumers tastes and a design pallet that would appeal and showcase our delicious, crafted and natural brand offering’.

The new packaging allows for increased visibility of the product along with a clear brand logo and the all-important nutritional information. “It is important for our customers to know what’s in and what’s not in their food.

Along with the new packaging launch, Henderson’s has added 2 flavours of Salami and are soon to launch a range of sausages.

A fully integrated social, event and in store communications campaign will be launched across the next month.

Henderson’s new bacon packaging design will be phased into stores nationally from this month and the new website is now live at for further information.

About Henderson’s

At Henderson’s we are a forward thinking company with family values at heart.  We are two brothers who along with our team are on a mission to produce 100% natural & delicious food, the proper way. By proper we mean minimum ingredients, but with maximum focus on craft and process.

Henderson’s has been making clean, simple and delicious bacon for over 20 years and are now adding new flavours, new cuts and slightly more ambitious foodie products to meet the new expectations from our customers. You can find Henderson’s in supermarkets and in good delis across NZ.

We are proud to be 100% Kiwi-owned and operated, employing local people to cure and pack our products, right here in New Zealand.

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