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Henderson's launches an all new, all-natural salami range.

Best known for being the first to put ‘clean bacon’ on New Zealand supermarket shelves over two decades ago, local food-producer Henderson’s continues the fine tradition of Kiwi-made innovation, with a salami that offers “all the flavour, without the bad stuff”.

Company owners and brothers in business, Will and Michael Curd, say the inspiration for this product came from wanting to do the right thing by their kids. “They love salami,” says Will, “but so much of what is out there is over-processed and full of nitrates, preservatives and chemicals - it’s just not good for them.”

“Our aim with this,” he says, “was to develop a salami that’s tasty, but also healthier too. Something we would be happy feeding the kids (and ourselves for that matter). Something authentically-crafted, locally made with natural ingredients, full of flavour but additive-free. Like our bacon actually!”

To get the process and recipe right, the brothers brought in a specialist ‘Master Butcher’ and artisan food technician, who helped craft the initial production phase and refine the ingredients selection.

Using traditional fermentation and curing methods (including one month’s ageing, which is where the true quality and flavour develops), the team came up with a “100% natural and delicious” salami they were happy with. This was then put through a round of consumer taste tests and flavour modifications, before the final products were firmed up.

The new Henderson’s Salami range is launching with two varieties, Peperoni 75g and Italian 75g, with more deliciousness to come (eg, Chorizo).

Main points to note:

Unlike most other salamis on the market, Henderson’s Salami contains NO nitrates, sulphates or phosphates. The curing process is slow and natural - NO shortcuts and absolutely NO chemicals involved.

Henderson’s Salami also contains NO artificial flavouring, colours or preservatives, and is completely dairy and gluten-free (good news for the health-conscious consumer).

What Henderson’s Salami does contain is top quality, all-natural ingredients; pork (a whopping 94%), salt, black pepper, herbs, spices, garlic, dextrose (a sugar obtained from maize, gluten-free), live culture, and white vinegar. And that’s it.

As well as being tasty and healthier, this new salami from Henderson’s is also versatile. It’s great on a platter, can be used on a pizza, added to a sandwich or breakfast bagel, incorporated into other recipes or enjoyed on its own.

If you’d like to know where to get it, Henderson’s Salami will be available at New World, Countdown and Farro stores throughout New Zealand from 11 October 2021 onwards.

Visit more information.

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